Auction/Draws/Games Terms and Conditions


Mr Mime Magic Wall

$2 each ticket or 3 Tickets for $5.

Buying a ticket does not guarantee a win or chance to play but to go into the draw to choose a number between 1-52.

Cards are all shown being sealed via a video at the commencement of each season. Cards are placed in slim fit sleeves with a small sticky note arrow for damage free removal from black sleeve, then into a black sleeve backwards to hide the face of the card. Cards are then sealed inside a top loader which will then be assigned a number (numbering to happen off camera but will still be filmed for quality purposes) 

5 major prizes assigned per season *this can be changed each season.

20% of all profit will go to a charity *charity to be chosen by or via the community prior to season commencement. 

All contestants that do not get picked will go into the draw for a last chance prize *prize to be determined prior to season.